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Today's consumers no longer want to belong to target groups. Customers wish to buy products tailored to their individual demands, and they search for goods and demand services, which comply with their own quality expectations.

Individualisation is no longer solely a feature of the market for luxury goods: an increasing number of mass-produced goods are attempting to gain a competitive advantage by meeting specific consumer expectations. Brands that are capable of subordinating their existing quality standards to the whims of individual consumer expectations in a cost-effective manner will be the future winners.

The task of a well-trained marketing communications expert is to support the meeting of brand and consumer using integrated communication solutions. The goal is to enable the brand to create a relationship with the potential customer on an individual level, and, upon acceptance, for the consumer's personality to enhance the effect of the message.

In observing the new consumer behaviour, and as a follower of integrated marketing communications, I have emphasized direct communications in my work. In my view, brand communication is a two-way process involving consumer feedback and consumer awareness of the brand image, while integrating this image into brand communications provides effective support for long-term market achievements.

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